About Us

Nutribud LLC

Watch It Grow Organics (WIGO) is the parent company and produces Nutribud. We are an Importer, Manufacturer, Distributor and developer of a 100% Organic 100% Natural, Chemical free Plant Based Nutrient.  Because Nutribud is made from a leaf that grows in a natural eco-system in the Semi Tropical Jungles of South America it is chemical free. The leaves are harvested in an environmentally sound manner then dried, milled and processed. Because it is chemical free,  Nutribud will give you the assurance that you are growing and producing only Organic products.

Nutribud is a single source, single ingredient nutrient that contains all of the Macro and Micro ingredients necessary for plant growth. In addition, these naturally occurring macro and micro nutrients that exist within the leaves are extracted and transformed into a liquid concentrate. Key word here is NATURALLY OCCURRING. There are no additives, these compounds are found directly in the leaves and stems of the Nutribud leaf.

Most importantly our Nutribud is a 100% organic nutrient that is a first of a kind product. It is manufactured using a proprietary process that keeps the plant-based nutrients intact. Because Nutribud is in a liquid form, the uptake to the plant structure is quick and efficient providing the plant cells the nutrition they require.

Indeed, when purchasing a plant nutrient for your growing needs, read the label. If it has 10 ingredients that you cannot pronounce, you probably should not use it. Nutribud is made from a Leaf that carry’s an Organic certification under the USDA Organic Certification. Nutribud is the first of its kind in the plant Nutrient market.

Our Mission

Our mission is to help make your world a step closer to chemical-free! We want to encircle our family, animals and friends with products that are LIFE-FRIENDLY. This chosen lifestyle impacts our everyday thoughts and actions regarding our families, pets and communities.

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