Organic Plant based

Plant Growth Enhancer!

Nutribud is Organic,
All Natural Bio-Food for your Plants!

Nutribud Plant Growth Enhancer

Nutribud is an organic single ingredient plant-based bio stimulant and fertilizer that contains 90% of all nutrients necessary to sustain any plant growth.

There are no additives in Nutribud only the naturally balanced nutrition that nature can provide. In the jungle, there are pests that eat pests. Nature does her own companion planting to help keep pest at bay. There is a canopy that protects the tender leaves from the harsh South American Sun. Below the canopy there is undergrowth made up of  trees and different type of shrubs that drop their leaves at different times of the year. This cocktail of various plant life slowly decomposes on the jungle floor providing natural means of fertilization for the Nutribud leaf.

The process of making our extract from this leaf is as important as the leaf itself. We want to make sure that we manipulate this vitamin packed leaf as little as possible. Just like our human food, overly processed food is a major problem for the diets of humans and plant life is no different. The closer we can deliver plants their food and nutrition just as they would receive in the forest or the jungle floor, the better for the plants and our world.

Chemical free plant life is the goal. By using a natural food source like Nutribud for your plants, one removes the threat of chemical residue present in  house plants, fruit and vegetable gardens, even our natural medicines grown at home.

You can use Nutribud for any plant life in your home or business. It is 100% organic material and that means 100% natural nutrition for your plants. Our  process assures that your plants receive the balanced nutrition they need for peak growth. Use Nutribud for your every day watering for all stages of plant growth.